A new start

A while back I mentioned that I planned to move the reader focused part of this blog over to my new website, http://www.clroman.com. Well, I'm doing it. The first posts are up and I hope you come join the fun. Just click on the link below. In the future, I won't be posting reader focused … Continue reading A new start


Yesterday, I went to Cassadaga, Florida to do research for my current WIP, which, due to some highly entertaining and totally unexpected inspiration, is set there. Suffice it to say, it was a fun and fascinating experience and I will likely do it again if the opportunity arises. But here's the real question: Do you have … Continue reading Research

Guest Post from Val Penny: Reasons to Write a Crime Novel

People like crime, at least in novels! Often, I meet dentists and bank managers with clever plot ideas, or nurses who read every crime novel they can lay their hands on. If I visit a writing group, there are always members keenly producing new murderous plots. Lawyers and convicts show equal enthusiasm for this genre. For … Continue reading Guest Post from Val Penny: Reasons to Write a Crime Novel