What am I most thankful for? I don't know that I can answer that question with any quantitative accuracy. Like anyone, I have challenges and disappointments, but when all the beads are counted, my string stretches unbelievably long. Enough so that the counting of my blessings is a humbling experience. One that leaves me shaking my … Continue reading Thankful

After the Election: How I plan to move forward.

My emotions when I woke up Wednesday morning to the news of Mr. Trump's election, can be accurately described as a maelstrom. Disbelief. Anger. Fear. Worry. Sadness. And it has not gotten better over the course of the last week. Riots, horrifically cruel facebook posts, school yard bullies, college misogynists, and a host of other incidents and actions … Continue reading After the Election: How I plan to move forward.

Author Interview with Veronica Helen Hart

Veronica Helen Hart, like many of the Alvarium Experiment authors, writes in multiple fiction genres: women’s, historical and science fiction with a little murder and adventure on the side. Welcome Veronica! Q: How did you come up with your story, ‘Recovery’, for Return to Earth? VHH: My first idea fell apart, shattered by being too … Continue reading Author Interview with Veronica Helen Hart

Guest Interview with Tracie Roberts

We are pleased and honored to welcome Tracie Roberts, talented author and member of the latest offering from the Alvarium Experiment, Return to Earth. Tracie writes in multiple genres including paranormal romance, YA, and New Adult. Social Experiment is her first foray into science fiction and it is available for FREE today on Kindle. Follow link to … Continue reading Guest Interview with Tracie Roberts