welcome2017Well folks, it’s that time again. New Year’s Eve and time to look both ways. I’ve done a lot of that in the past few days, and for more of my thoughts on that, check here.

Which brings me to what I want to talk to you about. The Brass Rag has been a blog for both writers and readers since around 2013. We’ve covered a lot of different topics and gained a fair number of readers along the way. But, as the song said, the times, they are a changin’.

For awhile now I’ve wanted to create a space where indie authors can come together and help each other out. My hope is that authors can trade proof reading, editing, cross promotion and the like in a sort of Indie consortium. By doing so, we can provide each other with a support network that takes the place of traditional publishing houses – but without giving up royalty shares to do it.

In support of that desire, I’ve set up a website and a facebook page. Now it’s time to move this blog into position to fulfill its new role. So, from now on, The Brass Rag will be posting on writing and publishing exclusively. There will be guest posts aplenty, because I certainly don’t know it all, but very little fiction content.

For those of you who were here for the fiction, don’t worry. I have three series established now, and they aren’t going away. To support that work, I’ve set up a new website and blog. I hope those of you who enjoy my work will visit me there, and find the same things that caused you to follow me in the first place. There is also a facebook page with a great community of readers, and I hope you’ll come see me there too.

Meanwhile, I wish you joy and prosperity in the coming year. Come see me often, and let me know how it’s going, won’t you?


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