social-expt_tracie_final_v2We are pleased and honored to welcome Tracie Roberts, talented author and member of the latest offering from the Alvarium Experiment, Return to Earth. Tracie writes in multiple genres including paranormal romance, YA, and New Adult. Social Experiment is her first foray into science fiction and it is available for FREE today on Kindle. Follow link to download while supplies last!

Q: So, Tracie, you weren’t involved with the first Alvarium project, The Prometheus Saga. How did you happen to join this second project?

TR: I didn’t even know about the first project! But my very good friend, critique partner, and fellow Alvarium author, C.L. Roman, vouched for me with the group and I was invited to join. I am grateful for the opportunity to work with other talented writers and hope to do so again in the future.

Q: Being a romance author, did you find it difficult writing science fiction?

TR: At first I did. I struggled to find a premise to write about without the story sounding cliché. I mean, as a Star Trek and Star Wars fan myself, I couldn’t think of many sci-fi topics that hadn’t already been covered. Then, as I wrote a basic outline for my story (that ended up being WAY bigger in scope than what I published for the Alvarium Project), I realized that I could write a romance that fit the premise of humans returning to earth. Social Experiment is what came of following that rabbit trail. And I would like to expand the story to include the larger scale premise that I originally started with and have more of an alien presence.

Q: Do you have any news about upcoming projects you’d like to share with the readers?

TR: I do! Though my writing has slowed down some since I returned to my paying job (as an English teacher of all things), I have been working to finish the first book in my new sweet romance series, The Lantana Beach series. In Skimming the Surface, readers are introduced to sassy, strong-willed Savannah Montgomery who speaks her mind but guards her heart especially around Ty Carafello, a former NFL player turned agent who is determined to prove to Savannah that there are still some good men to be found. The story is set in a fictitious NEFL beach town that many readers will automatically recognize.

In a few weeks, I’ll be in Orlando as a signing author at Indie Bookfest. I’m excited to meet with readers during the two-day event on October 7-8. Anyone interested can check out the IBF website here.

Q: If readers want to check out more of your work or more about you, where should they go?

TR: You can find me on Facebook as tracie.roberts13 or on Twitter @tracie_roberts. Or you can visit my blog and sign up for my newsletter for the latest on my new releases, plus some exclusive content! I look forward to seeing you there.

About the AuthorTracieRoberts

Tracie Roberts is a native Floridian who laughs loudest at her own jokes, ODs quite frequently on 80s nostalgia, and eavesdrops on perfect strangers to glean story ideas. She’s been writing for all of four years but has been telling stories since she was old enough to realize she could make people believe her lies.

Find out more about Tracie’s future works at or connect with her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

About Return to Earth

Return to Earth is the second project of the Alvarium Experiment, a consortium of accomplished and award-winning authors.

The stories do not need to be read in any particular order; each story is an entry point into the overall story.

Return to Earth stories & authors are:

“AOB” by Bria Burton. Aona, an Alien-Operated Bot (AOB), suffers a malfunction that could jeopardize her mission on Earth and could lead to the extinction of an entire species from another planet.

Visit Bria at

“The Paradoxical Man” by Bard Constantine. Albert Rosen is one of five explorers who vanished on a deep-sea expedition into the Bermuda Triangle. He returns to Earth centuries later, transported across space and time through a mysterious wormhole. However, Earth is not the home he remembers. Humankind has been evacuated, and the survivors lie in hibernation aboard the Locus, an orbiting space station. Rosen is forced to match wits with Deis, an artificial intelligence determined to keep humanity in stasis until he is convinced they are fit to return.

Visit Bard at

“Children Of The Stars” by Charles A. Cornell. In Japan, an American medical researcher discovers the deadly secret behind an eighty-year-old woman’s ageless appearance and incredible fertility, and her connection to the bizarre disappearance of the freighter the Ourang Medan in 1948.

Visit Charles at

“Project Bright Star” by Kristin Durfee. A once thought failed secret mission to colonize a distant planet, named 0X3B1, is discovered to have been successful when descendants of that mission return to Earth fifty-one years after their grandparents left, much to the surprise, and fear, of the world.

Visit Kristin at

“Recovery” by Veronica Helen Hart. When a virus threatens the lives of everyone on board a transfer station for intergalactic travel, it’s up to Dr. Candace Bertram to retrieve the only known vaccine from Earth. The risky, untested method of transport could mean catastrophic mission failure, and grave danger for Dr. Bertram.

Visit Veronica at

“Coming Home” by John Hope. Finally achieving his dream of being an astronaut on the Jupiter missions, Jasper’s mind is elsewhere, on the recent loss of his stepfather, Bud. But Jasper’s space mission is interrupted when he is sucked into a wormhole that transports him to a different time, 30 years in the past. And now, doctors don’t believe where he’s from. Fortunately, his loving nurse at his side comforts him and a love builds. That is, until he realizes that his nurse’s son is Jasper as a young boy.

Visit John at

“Someday Loyal” by Elle Andrews Patt. Alien invaders are lobbing fireballs at Peoria, but Grandmama is holding tea. When the military arrives in search of Mrs. Suniol, Alice is drawn into the mystery of Lake Snow, a missing husband, and securing the key to an entire civilization’s survival.

Visit Elle at

“Under The Whelming Tide” by Ken Pelham. The Aethir, space-born descendants of the mythical planet Earth, are returning home at last to fulfill their destiny. But not all believe the great homecoming will be the heaven they have been promised.

Visit Ken at

“Social Experiment” by Tracie Roberts. For the past two years Dr. Olivia Tate had led a satisfying life with her alien spouse, Kya Dumont. As a scientist and cancer survivor, Liv is on a mission to discover a cure for the deadly disease. But something equally deadly has put Kya’s people, the Oo’mahn, in danger of extinction. With an order to evacuate Earth, Kya struggles between helping her people and remaining with the woman she loves, especially now that Liv has also fallen ill. Now Kya’s ship is approaching and the couple must not only find a cure for Liv and the Oo’mahn, but also devise a plan to remain together despite the objection of the aliens.

Visit Tracie at

“Gaia Returning” by C.L. Roman. Pirates steal things. It’s what they do… When Captain Irina Demyanov’s first mate disobeys orders and steals the crown jewels of a vengeful alien race, she knows she’s out of options. Desperate to escape, Irina takes her chances on a dangerous vortex leap and lands near an unnamed, yet strangely familiar planet. The gamble may have paid off, but between hostile inhabitants and inevitable discovery by their pursuers, the pirates’ chances of survival appear slim. Can the human remnant find refuge, or will their enemies put a permanent end to the human race?

Visit C.L. at

For additional info about the stories and authors, visit the website:

Facebook Fan Page: The Alvarium Experiment



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