I am beyond excited to reveal the cover for my latest novelette, Gaia Returning! But let me start at the beginning.

Prometheus-Anthology_Sun3A few months ago, the wonderful Bria Burton invited me to join a group called The Alvarium Experiment, on their second project. Their first project resulted in a collection of stunning short stories under the title The Prometheus Saga, so I was understandably flattered and excited to be included, and of course I gave the suggestion a resounding YES!

Then came the premise:

“Earth’s story is littered with fantastic tales of alien contact, both past and future. Some of these tales bring light and hope, while others make us shiver with horror. But what happens when the foreign visitors look remarkably like us? How will the world react when instead of extraterrestrials, it’s humans who return to Earth?”

So I started writing. Only, the project called for a short story, or a novelette at longest. And what I was writing clearly intended to be a novel. No wait. Two novels. Nope, wait a minute. Three? Would you believe that in the end this thing decided it was going to be a four novel series? Some stories are stubborn like that. So I studied the flood of ideas and plucked one from the torrent, carefully tucking the rest away for future reference. The result is Gaia Returning.

The novelette will be launching, along with nine other fantastic tales, on August 15th, 2016. I can’t wait!  Check here for the details.

And, since you’ve been so patient, here is the cover reveal!

Sometimes the only way forward, is back…

Pirates steal things. It’s what they do…

When Captain Irina Demyanov’s first mate disobeys orders and steals the crown jewels of a vengeful alien race, she knows she’s out of options. Desperate to escape, Irina takes her chances on a dangerous vortex leap and lands near an unnamed, yet strangely familiar planet. The gamble may have paid off, but between hostile inhabitants and inevitable discovery by their pursuers, the pirates’ chances of survival appear slim. Can the human remnant find refuge, or will their enemies put a permanent end to the human race?

For more on other tales in this incredible collection:

Bard Writes Books



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