In Northern Florida, Winter was a bit late coming this year, but around mid-January, she finally arrived. Being a fickle creature in our area, she may not stay long, as  our southern temperament appears to make her a little shy, so in her honor, I give you this…

Caught fast in Winter’s grace,Winter weekend

Life slows, blood flows cool in my veins.

Sleep calls, lulls my brain into

soft, lazy swirls of faded color.

Heavy limbs, energy slim,

pull me in to a somnambulistic gait.

Even thoughts hesitate, listening for Winter’s grace.

Traditionally, winter is a slower time of year. We tend, or at least I tend, to associate it with rest. It is a time when the Earth tucks herself away to recover from the frenzy of spring and the hard energy of summer, not to mention the culminating activities of autumn. Even the sun takes more days off in winter. Of all the lessons our planet could teach us, this might be one of the most important.

I’ve been seeing a lot about “mindfullness” in the media and on the web lately, and the idea resonates with me. Balance is important and, if I’m reading it right, one of the benefits of mindfulness is the ability to achieve a greater degree of balance. Or maybe that’s just an excuse.

The truth is, Winter makes me sleepy and that’s ok. We need to rest, much as the Earth does. It isn’t good for us to be busy all the time, and while laziness might be seen as bad, perhaps existing in perpetual motion is worse. So today, I believe I will take a step back, rest a little and contemplate Winter. That is, in between laundry and blogging and a little shopping…

So, dear friends, I ask you…how are you spending your winter?


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