Today the awesome Jamie White has dropped in to share her new novel and some things she learned writing it. Enjoy.

Learning Me CoverStarting a new series is always an adventure. No matter how well you plan, there is always a chance that the unexpected will happen. Last year, I started my new series with “Learning Me”. Here are some of the things I learned from that process….

  1. Outlining is not my friend. I tried. I really did. When National Novel Writing Month came around, I had already had my project outlined for weeks. Overall, the experiment (my first time outlining) was a success. I was on goal, and actually finished the challenge early. I was able to write each day without struggling to figure out what was going to happen that day. The problem? The muse doesn’t always care about your outline. Partway through, something happened I was not expecting. It just flowed onto the paper, and it threw what remained of my outline out the window. Still, I think that deviation was good for the story.
  2. I can, in fact, write a full novel. I had written a 50K work before, but that book was a bit different, and it felt more like a collection of shorts about this character with sections to tie it all together than a complete, full work. Learning Me brought me to the 50K mark in one full story, and it felt good.
  3. Branching out is fun. This series isn’t exactly a deviation from my usual work, but I was able to work some of my non-paranormal interests into it as well. This series also marks my exploration of some darker material, which is something I hadn’t done much before.
  4. Inspiration comes from crazy places. What inspired this work? Well, partially, a commercial I saw for an MTV scripted series. I don’t want to give too much away, but there was a situation in the promo that I decided to put my own twist on—a more paranormal twist. The rest of the series has gotten some inspiration from everything from the metaphysical store I go to to Telenovelas.
  5. I can do it alone. This is the first work (except for my debut) that I self-published. The process of revising, editing, planning the release, and other aspects was a bit different this time. I was completely on my own, and I loved the control I had over it. Everything was on me, and I somehow managed to survive, despite the fact that I was writing a book at the same time for yet another National Novel Writing Month.

Writing a new project is always an adventure, and this one was filled with lessons, and lots of fun. I have really enjoyed telling this story, and seeing where it may go beyond the trilogy. It’s also taught me that you never stop learning, and growing.  

12540332_10153400956093105_1209365260_n.jpgSynopsis: Courtney’s parents hate the one thing she loves to do most in the world, and she doesn’t understand why. When a new opportunity presents itself, their reaction stirs long-repressed memories that bring up questions she never considered–questions that will change everything.

About the Author: Jamie White is an author, blogger, paranormal junkie, and music geek who moonlights as a pet servant. You can find her on her blog here, and her book here.


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