Well friends, it has arrived. The last, sweet taste of summer vacation is even now rolling around on my tongue, waiting to make its bitter-sweet way down my throat, and disappear forever. It might, even now, be the cause of a gentle rainstorm in my chest.


To recap for those of you who were also on summer vacay:

Stonehenge, wet, cold and totally glorious.
Stonehenge, wet, cold and totally glorious.

I went to Europe. (A huge, wonderful, expensive-but-totally-worth-it, mind-blowing, exhausting and educational trip. I highly recommend it. Didn’t they used to do a “tour of the continent” to cap off a person’s education? That’s a practice we need to revive.)

Then I published First Candidate, the first in a new YA series. (Yay WOFH11 coverfor the Brass Rag Press crew who got an advanced copy of First Candidate a week before it launches on the 20th. If you get the newsletter and didn’t get your copy, please let me know. I’ll send it right along.)

Tank? or Puddin'?
Tank? or Puddin’?

I got to spend a lot of time with my grandson, Tank. (Still trying out nicknames for public use. What do you think of “Puddin'”?)

I finished the rough draft on Illusion third book in the Rephaim Series. (Of course, now I need to finish edits and covers and all the other stuff necessary for a September (?) launch.) And I worked on marketing stuff, like the new logo in my featured image for this post.

Attended a “professional development opportunity” to learn how to use a new electronic records system (grading, parent communication, lesson planning, and the like) for school. (As good as the old system was, this one does seem even better, so I am cautiously optimistic.) Check in the plus column.

Uniquely portable magicStarted gathering quotes for the writing journals I’m planning to inflict on assign my students this year. I also bought a mess of school supplies. (Not a figurative mess either. I literally dumped the bags in my rolly and walked away. The supplies are currently cowering in my closet, still in a great state of confusion and, no doubt, trepidation, waiting for the giant teacher lady to force them into servitude.)

Stocked up on ideas for the next book in the Witch of Forsythe High series. The next one may just burn down the house, literally.

Rocket, pool side.
Rocket, pool side.

Spent a LOT of time in the pool, with grand-babies and without, enjoying the summer and the company of my awesome husband.

Long story shortish, I had a great eight weeks. I hope you did too. What did you do this summer?

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