I got back from Europe on June 24th and it has taken me this long to sort through my impressions — and to get enough sleep — in order to share it with you with any kind of coherence. And I still can’t seem to manage it. There was so much that we did and saw, that I’m not sure I’ll ever be able to say more than, it was an adventure and I loved every minute. I was, by turns, surprised, amazed, amused and stricken speechless by the beauty and grandeur I was privileged to bear witness to. I would do it again in a heartbeat.

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Of course, my husband says I have to take him along next time. I agreed, because his presence is the only thing that could have made it better. My favorite parts of the trip? Trinity College and the Book of Kells (yes I got to see it, sorry, no pictures allowed) Wordsworth’s garden at Rhydal Mount, The British Museum, and Measure for Measure at The Globe. But really, it was all so wonderful, it seems unfair to choose.

So, where have you traveled? And then, where would you go if given tickets to anywhere in the world? Pull up a chair and lets talk.


3 thoughts on “On visiting Ireland and the British Isles

  1. Wow… It all looks so pretty! And you have such a way with words, they leap off the page and make it so fun to read! ^^ Honestly, I’m just discovery the Brass Rag (it’s me, Valerie from Camp NaNo) but I intend to wander these paths more often and unearth all its secrets! ^_^


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