confettiWell, the tigers are back in their cages, the clowns have removed their makeup and the marching band is putting away their instruments as the street sweepers come along behind, cleaning up the glitter and confetti. The parade is over. Today we will announce our Rafflecopter winners and authors will begin sending out prizes. What a great parade!

We hosted some wonderful writers, heard about some great books and, speaking for myself at least, had a great time. So, the question occurs to me – what next?

Well, my first next step is to revamp my newsletter button. See it over there in the right hand side-bar? Doesn’t it look kind of sad and lonely? It needs a bit more oomph. A little post-parade pizzazz. Suggestions and original artwork are welcome. Post them in the comments below and we’ll talk.

What’s that you say? You didn’t know I had a newsletter? Well, it is a new innovation. In fact, the first issue is nearly finished. It’s set to race to your inbox on March 24th, 2015, with your permission, of course. The idea is to give subscribers a heads up on new releases, cover reveals and the like before anyone else sees them, plus some extra special stuff available only in the newsletter.  I can’t tell you exactly what the special stuff will be, but I can say, something intriguing and something yummy, both FREE!

At the moment the plan is to send out a fresh newsletter every couple of months, so I won’t be clogging any in-boxes, but if you are interested in an exclusive serial, available only via the newsletter… oops, I may have said too much. I really am horrible at keeping secrets, but as one of my resolutions, I’m trying to improve. So, you’ll just have to sign up to find out the rest.

Meanwhile, what would you like to see in a newsletter? Stories? Articles? Card-games? Tell me in the comments.

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