100_4419Dr. Aurora Fischer is a bit of a dark horse in the scientific community, intent on investigating a topic even she admits lands on the fringes of what her colleagues might deem the norm. After earning her doctorate in applied genetics at Hafford University in upstate New York, Dr. Fischer went on to earn degrees in archaeology, linguistics and religious studies. She has completed numerous independent research studies and has published white papers on cross-genetic mutation and species blending. Her latest endeavors, however, are raising eyebrows in the scientific community, as she explores the possibility of what she calls, “divine genetics.” I sat down with Dr. Fischer over tea and questions to discuss her latest project; what it is and what answers it might provide for human kind.

CLR: Dr. Fischer, welcome and thank you for talking with me today.

AR: Delighted, of course.

CLR: What can you tell me about the direction of your latest area of research?

AR: We are intent on proving that, at some point in time, the progeny of a transcendent being mated with humans, and produced offspring of their own.

CLR: By “transcendent being,” do you mean God?

AR: By “transcendent being,” I mean a transcendent being. An entity outside of  the scope of human limits, and perhaps human understanding, past a certain point. I’m not in a position to label it more precisely and I feel that it is dangerous to use historic titles.

CLR: Historic titles? Like…God?

AR: (Smiles and sips her tea.) I believe I’ve answered that one already.

CLR: And what label would you give these “progeny?”

AR: Well, I suppose if I want to be understood, I’ll have to use less precise terms. Historically the divine has created any number of species, but only two have been denoted as offspring. Humans and angels. In this case, I am referring to the latter.

CLR: So, your theory is that humans and angels got together and had children?

AR: Exactly.

CLR: Really? And what led you to this conclusion?

AR: Think about it. Centuries of human mythology hinges around certain commonalities. Unicorns, vampires, shape-shifters, dragons. Nearly every culture ever to grace the planet has had their own versions of the same basic entities. Some of them are good, others are evil. The names are different, but the characteristics show up over and over again, crossing chronological and cultural lines with a sort of supernatural abandon.

CLR: And this means angels co-habbed with humans?

AR: (laughs) No, of course not, but it does suggest a common frame of reference, perhaps even a common origin.  In cultures as diverse as Celtic and Japanese, one can still find similarities. How did that happen? That question is what started me on this research.

CLR: Genetic research?

AR: In part. We are using a multi-disciplinary approach, but what seems clear so far is that some kind of link exists. I think its a human/angel link and I’m working on proving it.

CLR: But all of these myths are just that, right? Myths? What is there to prove?

AR: Mythologies were created for a reason. To explain the unexplainable. At the heart of every myth is a real event. This is why all mythologies have a creation story. The Earth came into existence somehow and early civilizations needed a way to explain that process. The same need existed for natural events such as earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

CLR: But a unicorn isn’t an event.

AR: No, but seeing one is. Look, if these creatures were seen only once, the story would likely not survive the witness’ generation. If it were limited to a single culture during a finite time period, we could say that someone got drunk and hallucinated, or did something horrible and wanted to explain it away. But that isn’t the case. Shape-shifters, for instance, show up in culture after culture. Selkies, werewolves, kitsunes, pucas and the like, come from a broadly diverse selection of cultural backgrounds, yet the basic facts remain. All of them can take the shape of either a particular animal or any animal they choose. We see the same breadth of occurance with other creatures.

CLR: And you are suggesting…

AR: I am proving that these stories are based on real events surrounding angelic/human hybrids and more than that…

CLR: Come on, Doctor. You can’t leave me hanging like that.

AR: (after staring into her teacup for several minutes) I am setting out to prove a genetic link between human kind and angels.

CLR: Why? Why try to prove they really existed, “once upon a time.”

AR: Because, your “once upon a time,” is now.


*This is a work of fiction. Only the interviewer is real, and that only marginally. (Although, Dr. Fischer did allow me to use a quote from one of her speeches on angelology for Descent, so it might be argued that she is more real than I am willing to admit.) Tell me what you think. Would you like to hear more about Dr. Fischer’s research? 


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