Sweet Bess

It’s been a rough week.

On June 1, Elizabeth Victoria, my computer, suffered an intense bout of internal illness. Luckily, I had time to back up all my data, Sacrifice manuscript included, on a jump drive. Then it was off to Best Buy for a diagnosis. Now, I’m not sure whether you’d call the hard drive the brains or the heart of the machine, but either way, Bess needed a transplant. The logistics and time required verged on the nightmarish (yes, I know, “first world problems.” I’m not complaining, just explaining.) However, Samsung and the Geek Squad came to my rescue, and sweet Bess was back in her accustomed place on my desk as of Tuesday. This did not mean she was back to normal.

I understood that the new hard drive would need to be “restored,” meaning all the files I had on the old hard drive would have to be moved to the new one. BUT, imagine my dismay upon discovering that, when you replace the hard drive, you then have to re-install all the programs. Samsung kindly sent me what they called a recovery disk, but that’s just the operating system. Office? gone. Scrivener? gone. Calibre? Photoshop? Every other program and application I’ve ever added since 2011 when I bought the d*&% thing? GONE. When I found this out, I needed some recovery.

So, Wednesday I spent the day re-installing all my programs except Photoshop, which I’m considering calling a very expensive failed experiment and leaving it at that. The re-installation process required several disks, emails, website visits and a call to Microsoft, where I found myself talking to Rhugu, a very nice Indian fellow with a lovely speaking voice. All except the Microsoft install went fairly smoothly, and Rhugu helped straighten out the product code snafu so that, other than being time consuming, even the Office issue was resolved satisfactorily.

I even managed to get down 1697 words before putting Bess to bed for the night.

Now, I have since realized that my assumptions about the ease with which I would be able to recommence working with Bess were somewhat naive. My geek-minded cousin Michael had the grace not to laugh at me over FB, but I could tell he was hiding a grin.  The thing that truly bothers me though, the thing which gives me the shivers as I sit here merrily typing away, is that, according to cousin Mike, you can’t back up your programs. Just your data. That means (shudder) this could happen AGAIN.

So I’ve made some decisions. First, I’m going to back up all my data on a weekly basis. The thought of losing an entire manuscript pretty much scares me spitless. Not a risk I’m willing to take. Second, I’m stashing all my program disks and codes in the Zombie Apocalypse go-bag. ‘Cause ya just never know.


4 thoughts on “Rough Rag

  1. First of all, I love that you name your. Secondly, I eel your devastation and fear. We only truly understand our dependence on technology when it’s suddenly torn from us. We back up to the Cloud (something I truly do not understand), but I too live in fear of the apocalypse.


    1. Thanks! Yeah, I’m lucky in that it really wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it did bring home to me how much of my life is tied up in technology. That fact might just be scarier than zombies. 🙂


  2. Thank you for sharing your experience … it invites my pouring a cup of tea and contemplating what might be a good ‘back up’ plan for us … as we embark on new adventures! ((HUGS)) my friend… Glad you and Bess are on the road to recovery! 😉


    1. Hey there! Yes, we are finally back up to speed, printer included. But you know, its an ill wind and all that. I’ve learned some good lessons and, hopefully, if it does happen again, I’ll be better prepared. Have fun on your adventures, and don’t forget to back up! lol


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