thinkerFive Thoughts to End the School Year:

  1. Why not seek a diversified educational system that has multiple tracks aimed at meeting the needs of all students on their own terms? A student bent on obtaining a law degree probably doesn’t need as many science classes as one determined to become a marine biologist. A student planning on a career in graphic art probably has more need for art classes than one bound for a career in carpentry. People are not pegs to pounded into regimented holes; they are diverse individuals each with their own unique gifts to offer and we need to start educating them with that in mind.
  2. The recent passing of Maya Angelou reminds me that a life in art has intrinsic worth. Creative intelligence is a gift, not a dirty secret to hide while you do “real work.” The perception of artists as slackers must be changed and the legitimacy of a career in the arts recognized instead of treated as a constant surprise reserved for the famous.
  3. I need to relax. Like so many of my fellows I am too tense, too worried and too angry for too much of the time. Part of accomplishing that goal has to be picking my battles. As was noted by my friend Mcv Egan in a recent Facebook post, you don’t have to attend every fight you are invited to. It’s a waste of time and emotional energy.
  4. It is unwise to spend all your time getting through the horrible now in order to arrive at a glorified then. Squeezing your eyes shut leaves you blind to current beauty and gritting your teeth makes your jaw hurt. If you really hate where you are and you can’t change it or adjust to it, get out of it. Putting all your dreams into the basket of some future ideal situation when all the elements are expected to magically align is unrealistic and bound to lead to disappointment because no situation is perfect. The places we land in life are only as ideal as we, the imperfect, can make them. If where you are isn’t where you want to be, put some energy into recognizing those parts of it that are positive. The only time you can be happy in is now. Its all you really have.
  5. Life has many seasons and they all come to an end. Enjoy each one; be mindful of both its beauty and its pain. Letting life slip by unnoticed and unremarked is the only true failure. Everything else you can learn from.

What lessons are you learning as summer approaches?


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