flash meHow do you look to yourself? Does the view through another’s eyes differ from your own? Is there anyone who really knows who you are? Do you know who you are?

These are strange questions, and often uncomfortable to ask, but I find myself returning to them often. If Socrates was right, and the unexamined life really isn’t worth living, then I suppose I’m on the right path.

But if Sam Kimble, my old college professor, is right, there really is no way to be sure we are who we think we are. The human capacity for self-deception is simply too all-pervasive and overwhelming. First person perspectives shield us from the truth about ourselves and others. That lens is so tightly attached that only the most persistent and enlightened among us are able to cast it aside and see clearly. And even they may simply be fooling themselves.


So one has to wonder…

Behind these eyes

Living here behind these eyes,

Curious about the other side

Who is this woman that they see?

Do they realize she’s me?

Am I the same one that they know?

Or do the differences show?

Am I the one who’s more deceived?

Not being what I believed.

Would I be the only one surprised

About who is living here,

Behind these eyes?


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