Some of my more effective distractions
Some of my more effective distractions

There are four short weeks remaining in the school year. The students are antsy. So am I.

The sunny breezes and long days of summer are calling. They are calling students to the beach and me to my office because to me, summer is a time to make for all the time I spend not writing during the school year. I feel this nearly palpitation inducing drive to get as many words down on paper as is humanly possible before the summer ends and I am sent trudging skipping back to the classroom again, doomed only to see my computer on occasional evenings and alternate weekends.

This year, we’ve already taken our vacation. I threw caution and good sense to the four winds and agreed to take eight days off in the middle of the fourth quarter in order to join my family in Puerto Rico. It was awesome. The load of work I have waiting for me is depressing. But I’ll take it in gleeful trade for the wonderful memories safely stored in my pictures file.

Point being, there is no vacation looming to impinge on my writing schedule. There are, undoubtedly, other things which will attempt a hostile takeover of my time. Fun things, like writing seminars and aromatherapy classes and days at the beach with my husband, will slip their gleaming tentacles into my summer plans and try to wreak havoc. But I have determined to be strong. I have made a list of goals. Want to see it?

  1. Finish Sacrifice and get it ready for publication by the end of the summer.
  2. Polish Rule of Three with Exceptions and obtain a cover – Publish the thing!
  3. Revamp Quest, hopefully in time to publish in tandem with Sacrifice, but that may be wishful thinking.
  4. Take a class or two, for fun, on writing or aromatherapy, or both, to hone my craft and improve my health
  5. Drink a margarita, or three, just to keep the creative juices flowing
  6. Go to the beach, at least once…

Hey, I think my list has been hijacked. What’s on yours?



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