Sunset (1)Generally speaking, moments of Zen take one look at my life and run away screaming. They take considerable time and effort to track down, and even more effort to force them to hang around. But I need them, at least occasionally, to maintain my tenuous hold on even a modicum of sanity. So chase them I do. How about you?





Do you ever need a moment of Zen?

Just a few minutes, of cool water rippling over mossy stones,

laying in the sunlight, kissed by the lightest, sweetest breeze

and the gentle thought that,

Praise the great Time-Clock in the sky,

Tomorrow is NOT Monday.

No one is knocking on the bathroom door,

And there are no deadlines on your horizon.

Your work is, mercifully,

If temporarily, finished.

I get so few of those Zen moments.

And this is not one of them.

It’s just a breath caught between steps,

A pause to evade the lightning.

So breathe deep and step quick,

But when the Zen moment comes,

Catch it in a death grip, close your eyes and

Let go, drift and be at peace in the cool, pristine

Space between rushings.

Because like Winter, Monday is coming.

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