Celtic Tree of Life
Celtic Tree of Life

Occasionally, in my electronic travels, I come across a list. Some are smart, others are funny, some are just plain weird. My favorites are the “Top Ten Things I’ve Learned” type. So, I got to thinking, if I were going to come up with a list, what would be on it?

Stuff Life Told Me

1. Things that are planned generally go better than things that aren’t. The same cannot be said for things obsessed over.
2. In the heat of the moment, when anger presses hardest against your teeth, is when your lips should be covered in duct tape.
3. Never fight the spirit of generosity. The reward is uncertain but regret is guaranteed.
4. Thoughts engender words, and words give birth to actions. Control what you think, and you’ll have less cause to regret your offspring.
5. Pursuing your passion is not selfish. Done right, it allows you to offer your best self to the world.
6. It costs much less to be kind than it does to be mean. This is true no matter how expensive the kindness may be.
7. Choosing to forgive releases you even more than it does the offender.
8. An ounce of prevention may be worth a pound of cure, but an ounce of communication is probably not enough.
9. “Knowing all the facts,” is a mythological concept.
10. Seeing through another’s eyes is one of the hardest tasks you can set yourself. It is also one of the most necessary for an honorable life.

So – these are ten of mine. What has life been teaching you lately?


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