Ok – I realize that I don’t usually review non-indie books, but after having read my first J.A. Krentz novel, I couldn’t resist. I’m betting you won’t be able to either.

In Too Deep, by Jayne Ann Krentz is an unusual look at the “normal life” of the paranormal among us. Fallon Jones is the head of J&J Detective agency. He’s a taciturn, serious minded chaos theory talent with the usual bent for conspiracy theories. Theories that often turn out to be fact. When the stalwart Isabella Valdez takes over the management of his office, he quickly discovers that she is smart, sexy and hyper-talented in her own right. Add a multi-layer hostile takeover bid and some paranormal toy/weaponry created at the turn of the century, and you won’t need a ghost butler to turn the pages for you.

Krentz has somehow managed to combine a paranormal thriller with a steamy romance, AND add a side of humor. Her touch is light but sure, leaving the reader wishing the book had more pages just so that she could hang out with the characters longer. The protagonist, paranormal detective Fallon Jones, is serious enough to make Sam Spade look like a comedian, but with a depth and complexity only hinted at in Mr. Hammet’s work. The relationship between Fallon and Isabella is natural from the first page without feeling inevitable, always a plus in genres where “guy gets girl” is a standard trope.

Krentz includes enough twists to keep the pages turning in a fast paced, high stakes mystery. There is romance, danger and adventure along with humor enough to have me laughing out loud several times. One of the things I like most about In Too Deep is that, while Fallon does “rescue” Isabella a couple of times, the reader is certain that Isabella had the situation well under control and would have rescued herself quite handily given another moment or two. Fallon just saved her the trouble.

This is the first novel in a trilogy and I will definitely be picking up Quicksilver, the second in the series, a sneak peak of which is included in the Kindle version I purchased. Meanwhile, if you haven’t already, you should definitely take a look at In Too Deep and when you do, tell me what you think.

Author Bio:

The author of over 50 New York Times bestsellers, JAYNE ANN KRENTZ writes romantic-suspense, often with a psychic and paranormal twist, in three different worlds: Contemporary (as Jayne Ann Krentz), historical (as Amanda Quick) and futuristic (as Jayne Castle). There are over 35 million copies of her books in print.jayneannkrentz_300dpi-200x300


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