Well, it’s official; as of 4:00 this afternoon , Spring Break has begun! 

I am beyond excited. I have been looking forward to this week since a week after Christmas break ended. I purposely stayed later than I absolutely had to in order tie up a few loose ends today, so that I wouldn’t have to think about work for the next week. So – what, you might ask, will I be doing on my student/grading/school free week off?

Sunning yourself on the beach?

For the sake of beach lovers everywhere, no.

Traveling to a foreign locale?

Only in my mind. But some of the locals are pretty exotic.

Going to Disney?

Ummm, no.

What then?


I see you shaking your head, but wait, I can explain.

If I don’t write, the character’ in my head get sullen. They hold sit-ins. They stage coups against my dreams and pummel me in my sleep. Story lines run rampant, invading each other’s worlds with large weapons, bent on destruction. It gets ugly fast.

So, to prevent mayhem both inside and outside my imagination, I write, even on Spring Break. How do you maintain a healthy level of sanity?


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