So, I feel like I should start talking to you about my current Work-in-Progress, since I think it’s finally beginning to gather steam, production-wise.

It’s Science Fiction, I suppose. Steampunk, I guess. Urban fantasy, in a way.

There’s a lot of jumping through dimensions and across the borders of reality. Airships, Zeppelins and clockwork. Creatures of the night prowling cobblestone-y streets.

So yea, it’s a lot of things.

Except finished. Or even close. I recently reworked the beginning for the fifth time, and I feel like I may have a winner here, people.

The thing is, I just want it finished. I LOVE this story. I love the characters, I love the plot and the villain and the struggle. It’s the story that’s been in my head since I was thirteen, and I’m ready to show it off. I’ve been stealing time while various babies are napping to write narrative, edit dialogue, and add setting and characterization. It’s going to be a haul,  but I’m hoping, HOPING to have it ready for final edits and beta reading in April. Or May. Or like, next November. Don’t judge me.

Before the end of the year though, definitely. Maybe. I mean, I don’t like to put stringent deadlines on these things, guys. I’m an artist. And art takes time. And pudding cups, apparently, because I’ve gone through a case of those things just getting down the last three chapters.

So, that’s where I am. Reworked beginning, maintaining motivation to keep writing, hoping to be ready for publication whenever I feel like it midyear.

What else am I up to:

  • Just wrote a piece for the Jacksonville Moms Blog. It’s my second piece for them and I’m hoping they keep asking me back.
  • Took my oldest to The Magic Kingdom yesterday. Read all about that adventure here.
  • Reading my ARC of The Lioness by Jake Bonsignore. He has an awesome series already out, and The Lioness comes out tomorrow!

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