Chrissy in her element.

You may remember that the Brass Rag has been holding a short story contest. Well, the results are in and it is time to post the the winning entry.

AND THE WINNER IS…Chrissy Jackson!

Chrissy will tell you that she received a little red plastic-covered rocker and two books for Christmas at the age of three and she has loved words ever since. A lifelong reader, she is passionate about literacy and writing. She joined Florida Writers Association in 2004, was elected vice president in 2005, became president in 2009 and currently holds the distinguished position of President Emeritus, I suspect because the FWA simply couldn’t bear to let her go. In 2007, she co-founded Florida Writers Foundation, a 501[c]3 charitable organization created to fight illiteracy across the state. She is an encouraging person with a uniquely beautiful spirit and we are proud to present her with first place in our Milestones contest.

As promised her story will post here next week. In the meantime, what are you writing?


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