Life has issues…

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Never Had

Never felt so alone, in the midst of so much plenty

Never had no one to talk to within a crowd of many

Never blessed so big and felt so small

Never sang so loud without saying anything at all…

estranged abandoned within the multitude

Needing sweet companionship and finding only solitude.

For which we must seek solutions…

Prayernew year light hand


Time stops,

Silent calm descends,

Hands clasp,

Heart eased,

Gentle peace within,



Love assured again,


Grant me this,

To begin anew, and mend.

 Only finding it when we find our…


City street lights, even stop lights...

A wider scope-

words more pure,

This is what I need.

A fresh sheet-

newer thoughts,

perhaps a case to plead.

Black ink-

better phrases,

Fodder for a mind’s greed.

(Or could it be, instead?)

A cleaner heart-

a gentler soul,

To follow where the Master leads,

For words are useless,

lovely phrases worthless,

If they serve not the world’s need.


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