So, for Christmas, a good friend gave me a book called “Plot and Structure” by James Scott Bell. I would link it, but my computer recently took a suicidal dive off the couch and had to go to the computer hospital and I’m blogging from my IPad and Google it your own self.

Anyway, she gave me this book and I thought “that’s really cool. I should read that.” And then babies. And Pinterest. And going back to school. It sat on my nightstand, unread.

This week I saw it again and said, “darn it, read something without illustrations. Like an adult.” And now I’m devouring it.

It is possibly the single most helpful book I have ever come across. Accessible, practical, with actual mini-excercises to help put it all into practice.

I found it getting me excited about getting back to work on my manuscript, because while I am doing a lot right (hooray for having an inciting incident!!), there is so much room to improve, and this book just hands you the tools you need.

There are several in the series, each on a different aspect of writing. I will be grabbing the one on dialogue next, because if I had my way, my characters wouldn’t talk. They would just walk around in giant streams of consciousness because everything is less complicated when no one has to have conversations.

If you want to improve your writing, or even if you just want something on the craft that is actually entertaining to read, check the book out.


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