Contest deadlines are closer than they appear!

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow is the deadline for the Milestones writing contest. There is still time to get your entry in, but you’ll need to work fast. Submit your story in 1200 words or less to cheri@brassragpress.com before midnight tomorrow night. (hmmm, why does it seem like there must be something significant about that date?) Catch all the submission guidelines here.

Just to get you started and give you a little inspiration (one hopes) here’s a little something from me.

Lost Time

The old, old man with his clock and his scythe

Stands in the corner and brushes dust from his robe.

He’s mocking me, stalking me with his bright keen blade

Singing a dark and dusty song.

The song speaks of lost chances and missed glances,

Things I never noticed, but now regret. I fear

The loss of things I didn’t know were there, didn’t see

Waiting alone in the darkness.

The old, old man is polishing his scythe,

Letting the clock wind down with transparent glee,

He won’t rewind, won’t give me extra chimes,

He’s waiting to use the scythe on me.

I’m not afraid of the old, old man, or

his gleaming, swinging blade. It’s the misplaced glances,

the unclaimed chances, the things I should have

noticed but didn’t see. Death is just a door,

but I fear the loss of time.


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