This has been a strange Christmas season for me and I don’t know why. Every Christmas since I can remember has been a time of family and rejoicing. Even when I wasn’t a Christian, we celebrated the ideals of peace on Earth and love of family that everyone can agree with and commend. This year is no different.

In fact, I have more to celebrate than I ever have before. A new granddaughter, a brand new grandson, all my immediate family close enough to touch. I have a lovely home, a wonderful husband and a job that is as rewarding as it is challenging. I am blessed with brilliant, supportive friendships. I get to write. I’ve even been published several times this year. It has been a great twelve months and I have absolutely no complaints.

And yet…

I find it harder, this year, to ignore the crassness of the holiday commercials. To be unfazed by the traffic and the noise. The small, foolish frustrations of the season are threatening to encamp themselves in my heart and I have had to make a conscious effort to block them out and hang on to my Christmas joy.  I’ve lost control of my to-do list and I worry that I’ll ruin things for those I love, not through a humbug attitude, but through sheer forgetfulness. See, I know what it’s supposed to be like – I’ve just misplaced the capacity to make it that way.  I am more worried this year, and less in step with the peace of the season.

And then, I see something like this…


And I know it’s going to be ok. The next generation is not bothered by the hustle and bustle. They don’t care, at this age, how many presents are under the tree, though they are fascinated by all the ribbons and bows. They are still innocent enough to be taught that love and joy are enough, and you don’t need to put either of them in a box to experience them.

So, in the words of one of my favorite Christmas songs, I will choose to, “stop, in the hurry of Christmas, and listen to the angel’s song. Stand, in the quiet and hear His voice. Oh, with your heart, hold on to Jesus, for the hope he brought is living on. And the song that warmed the winter night, still changes lives. Repeat the sounding joy.” (Avalon, Joy)

I hope that your joy is proof against the sillier elements of the season. I pray that you have peace and love wherever you are, in whatever tradition you celebrate. Merry Christmas my friends. Blessed be.


2 thoughts on “Christmas Rag

  1. “They are still innocent enough to be taught that love and joy are enough, and you don’t need to put either of them in a box to experience them.” – THIS. It’s so true. I’m glad you’ve got your Spiritual stride back. Much love and blessings!


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