So, maybe you remember this post.

or you don’t. I don’t know, I’m not your memory, get off my back.

Anyway, several months back it was requested by Kasia James into an anthology she was putting together on Motherhood. I signed here, initialed there, hit send, and off my little poem went into the world of published work.

I promptly forgot about the whole thing.

Then, a few weeks ago, Kasia started showing up in my Facebook feed. Talking about covers. And Ebook formatting. And how this was really happening for real.

So I started to get a little excited, but not too much because I’m just me, right? I’m not AN AUTHOR, one of those actual published people who exist only on bio pages and YouTube channels.

But then I was. The book is officially published on Amazon. It should be ready for the Kindle soon. I am still waiting for the excitement to hit me. I’m published. In a real, live book. My copy is actually headed to my mailbox as we speak. I have a bullet point for my resume. I can 100% call myself a published author.

It’s overwhelming, and not something I really thought I would ever say. At this point, I’m just basking in it.

It’s a little strange when a dream comes true a little at a time. There is no moment of “Oh, I’ve made it now.” Instead, it’s tiny victories, celebrated bit by small (or larger) bit. We have this idea of dreams that has them coming true all at once, instead of being something that is continually worked toward, perfected, improved upon.

I must say I like the second version better.


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