You know, they weren’t wrong when they said “things change.” Least of all in my life. There is so much going on these days I needed yesterday to just stop and catch my breath, metaphorically speaking of course.

When things change, we need to update them. So, here ‘tis, the updates.

Milestones Contest:

Find the original details here. Deadlines have been changed as follows:

Entry deadline: December 31st 2013

Winner notification January 15th, 2014

Publication dates for winning entries: January 24th, 31st and February 7th

Snowbirds Christmas

Click for more information
Click for more information

In case you hadn’t heard I’ve been accepted into a couple of collections this year. The It’s a Crime Collection is already out and you can find it here. Snowbird Christmas, Volume 2 has just come out and is now available on Amazon. Lots of great stories in both of these, not to mention the work of yours truly.

Milk of Female Kindness

In the “coming soon to a bookshelf near you” category we have a third anthology. This promises to be a fearless and often unconventional look into the vagaries and challenges of motherhood. Rai and I both have poems in it and I’m looking forward to reading the other entries which include personal essays, interviews and stories of motherhood in many cultures.

Personal stuff

I have much to be thankful for as Thanksgiving approaches. Professionally, I’ve made some huge (to me at least)

Our Sweet Boy
Our Sweet Boy

strides: acceptance into three anthologies, my first novel published, a sequel nearly finished, my own collection of short stories under construction, and we’ve started a freelance editing business. Plus, despite recent changes, this blog is still going strong. Not too shabby for folks who still have day jobs. Personally – as you may or may not have heard – my younger daughter gave birth to a baby boy a little over a week ago. Three grandbabies in as many years. I think that is the most important milestone.

What changes are you facing?


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