I wrote this for my personal blog, accidentally posted it here, and then deleted it. The, today, a very sweet reader told me “I wanted to read that post! Where did it go?” So here it is, in all its glory Enjoy.


This is my husband:


This is my husband holding our second daughter for the first time


When we were in college, he tried to join the Navy, but the recruiter took issue with his tattoos and made the whole process much harder than it had to be, and it just never happened.

And all I can say is Thank the Good Lord Above.

My amazing, hard-working husband is currently out of town on a work trip. For two and a half weeks I am at home, alone, with two little girls.

And I am losing it.

I mean, I’m fine. Life goes on, no one is dead, everyone has eaten.

But my living room is a mess. And the cat has conveniently forgotten the location of the litter box. And we’re moving, so I have to pack up the garage. And I’m nursing, so I’m an emotional wreck. And my older daughter is two and also a girl so she’s an emotional wreck. AND we are out of milk, so tomorrow morning is going to be a delight with my cereal-addicted older child.

We’ve done this trip before, and every time I reminded of how grateful I am to have a teammate, someone to hand a crying girl to when I just need a minute. Someone who says “No, I’ll do the dishes.”, and someone who helps out when no one wants to get out the door to church on Sunday mornings.

Also someone who is cool with my two-children-later stretch marks. Because sorry, honey. Those aren’t going away.


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