Ok. I hate to admit it, but I’m still not finished with The Alien Files by John Crowdell. This is in no way his fault. The book is great. I have just gotten snowed under between work and the FWA Writer’s conference we attended this weekend. I’m sorry. I wish I could say it won’t happen again, but I hate to lie. I promise to have the review up as soon as possible.

The conference was awesome, btw. My favorite part would have been hanging out with Rai, MeiMei and Tracie, but for the small fact that this year I got to participate in a book signing. 100_3756As a contributing author! FWA publishes a collection every year and this year I was selected as one of the contributors! Excited and honored does not begin to cover it. It was AWESOME! The signing part, that is. I’ll let you decide how good the story is. I’ve been reading the work of my fellow contributors (sorry John) and I have to say – these are some of the best stories I’ve ever read.  From Michael Wiley to Chris Hamilton, the authors who made the cut definitely deserved the honor. If you get a chance, you ought to pick up a copy.

In the meantime, where are your entries for the milestones contest? Wait, too soon? Sorry, I just can’t wait to read them!


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