Today I’m super excited because I’m coming to you from the Florida Writer’s Conference in Lake Mary!

It’s 9:00, so the day is over, but I thought I’d offer a little insight on a topic that I only today became an expert on.

How to Survive a Conference with a Newborn.

That’s right. The new baby is with me. And she is stinkin’ adorable.

photo 2

A combination of her newness and her refusal to drink milk on draft meant that she got to come with. Turns out, if the stars align just right, you can totally make it work. It just takes some forethought and a little bit of flexibility. Some things to think about:

1. Immune Support

People have been so, so sweet about Mei-Mei being here. She’s turned into a bit of a celebrity at the conference. The downside is, with so many people getting close to her, it’s an assault on her little immune system. So bring SOMETHING with you to help the immune system. We use Doterra essential oils, which have always done really well for us as far as immune support is concerned. The ones in the picture are actually for her stuffy nose and my anxiety, but I totally brought the immune stuff, I swear! This stuff is seriously awesome. We use a blend called OnGuard for immune health. It smells like a mix of oranges, clove and cinnamon, which is handy, because that’s exactly what it is. This stuff kills pretty much any bad stuff it comes in contact with, and without any chemicals! YAY

photo 3

2. Transport

Invest in one of these suckers:

photo 1

I brought my Moby and my Ergo, but so far have used the Moby pretty much exclusively. It takes longer to get in and out of, but it’s less bulky and gives me more freedom to use my hands for notes and snacking (honest to goodness, they feed you every two hours at this place. It’s magical)

3. Luggage

Ditch whatever swag they give you at registration ASAP. If youre staying in the same hotel as the conference, get that stuff to your room at the first opportunity. If not, stick it in your car. Check the transport picture. See that thing I’m carrying? That’s what is in my hand at the conference. That’s it. Inside is my phone, business cards, some cash, the conference handouts for the day, pens and my door prize sign-off sheet. Oh, and two diapers. There is no reason to be carting around a laptop or anything else.

4. Attitude

Allow baby to dictate the schedule. Have an escape plan ready if you need to get out of a workshop quickly, and be respectful of other attendees. They were not planning on your baby being part of the fun, and while most people don’t mind the presence of a baby, the presence of a screaming or grumpy baby is the WORST. Let go of your expectations. If you make it to every workshop and get to network and baby is perfect, awesome. If not, hang out in the hotel room and get some writing done. Do some editing. I’ve had to bring Mei-Mei back to the room a few times to let her regroup and rest without all the noise and busyness of the conference, and that’s fine. I was able to do some work on my novel, and now I’m writing this while my fellow attendees are downstairs at Karaoke. It’s nice to be in the quiet after a busy day.

We have two days left of the conference, and hopefully I’ll be able to check in tomorrow and Sunday! See you soon!


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