calculatedPast: I recently read J.D. Robb’s book Calculated in Death and the strangest thing happened. I was disappointed. The In Death series is one of my favorites. Eve Dallas is a super-heroine and her fantastically sexy Irish hunk of a husband is as charming as he is rich. The pair has never failed to entertain and amuse. Considering the fact that I have read all but one of the series and several of the novellas, the lack-luster plot in this latest book was a bit of a shock. It’s ok though, I just finished another novella in the series, Missing in Death, and Robb hit it out of the park. My faith in her is restored. I’m sure she’s thrilled.

Present: The Alien Files by John Crowdell. So far, pretty cool. Don’t want to give anything away now, but there will be a full review next week.alien

after the firesFuture: After the Fires Went Out: Coyote by Regan Wolfrom.  I’m looking forward to it, predominantly because it’s science fiction, has an interesting blurb and a fantastic cover. Should have the review up in a couple of weeks.

This is, I believe, the last on in our accepted list from the original Kindle boards call for submissions. Maybe its time to put up another thread?

Meanwhile – what are you reading?


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