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Synopsis: Did you think the Caribbean was all sun, sand and smiling natives bearing coconuts full of fruity drinks? Beware! Set on the lush island of St. Crescens, Storm Warning is a five story collection of short crime fiction that will take you deep in to the heart of an island society where poverty, corruption, greed and sex form a potent and explosive brew. Batten down your beach chair. It’s going to be a bumpy ride.

Review: E.A. O’Neal’s Storm Warning is a tightly written, richly characterized collection of short stories. O’Neal manages to reflect the culture of the islands along with the individuality of her characters; telling these stories with a gritty realism that I have seldom seen equaled. If you like crime fiction this is the book for you.

Author Bio: E.A. O’Neal is the author of four novels, The Water of Sunlight, Jessamine, Dido’s Prize, and Just an Affair, and the non-fiction work, From the Field to the Legislature: A History of Women in the Virgin Islands. A few of her short stories have been published in The Caribbean Writer and other regional publications.


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