What is the true cost of dreams?Sunset (1)

Is it your life breath,

your heartbeat or only

your sleep that you must give up to succeed?

What is success?

Is it a best seller,

a mountain tamed or only

the satisfaction of work done well and the contented knowledge that you could do it again?

What is contentment?

Is it dollars in the bank

or freedom from life’s demands or only

the feeling of loved flesh against your own, (a child’s cheek against your palm, the stroke of your lover’s hand?)

What is life?

Is it the rise and fall of the sun,

the journey from first to last breath or the

universal touch of the Maker, creating, converting, remaking through His image?

These are the questions we ask in the quiet dark of a last day,

when dreams rest and life

breaths in peace and we acknowledge the universal truth:

Contentment is success and

Life is the never ending creation of our dreams.


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