pen_nib_with_reflectionI’ve been reading a lot about the business aspect of a writing career. As we all know, creative writing is one of the most creative, inspirational, wonderful non-paying professions in the world and lucky are the few who actually are able to make a living at it. The gurus tell me that an independently published author has to attend closely to the business aspect of publishing, and that includes paying the bills. For most of us that means a day job that is steady and provides a decent paycheck. In other words, not writing. The drawback, of course, is that day jobs tend to drain one of both time and creative energy.

But then I thought, “why not writing?”

According to multiple sources, opportunities abound in copy writing, editing, publishing, marketing and etc. If I could draw that would be yet another area for possible expansion. (Don’t worry, even I’m not that delusional.) But we do have a fairly well-stocked tool box. There’s a couple of degrees in there, and several jars of writing experience, a variety pack of writing courses and seminars and a small stack of publishing experience. Not to mention the fact that I actually teach grammar for a living.

So, we did it. We built a website and hung out our freelance editing shingle. The Brass Rag is now comfortably housed at Brass Rag Press and we are very excited about the possibilities. Come visit, take a look around. If we can be of service, please let us know.

Meanwhile, don’t hesitate to pursue your dreams and happy writing.


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