Stunned amazement.

That is my current state of awareness. Why? So glad you asked.

Lately it seems like the universe turned around and grinned at me, and then started throwing awesome opportunities my way. In quick succession:

rocket launchDescent was launched, with a party no less, and a blog tour celebrating the event is currently underway. I’ve been invited to participate in a panel on fantasy writing at USF in October and to teach a class on critique group management at the FWA Reading Festival in January. I’ve been invited to join no less than three, count ’em THREE, collections (It’s a Crime, Snowbirds Christmas and The Milk of Female Kindness) set to come out this year. We’ve started work on a web-site and are getting ready to go live with our freelance editing business.   I managed to finish the first draft on Quest, and, best of all my new granddaughter arrived, healthy, whole and adorable!

teacher teaching

All this happened in the last month. I’m beyond stoked. But it got me thinking.

Had this happened last year, or heaven forbid the year before that, I wouldn’t have been ready. I would have felt overwhelmed and under-prepared. I would have run screaming into my bedroom, dove under the covers and quaked in terror. Now, with a modicum of experience, I’m only shaking slightly in my purple suede boots. You can barely notice.

They say that timing is everything and I have to agree. They also say that balance is the key to success, or at least I do. The fact that all of this is happening now is due, in part, to lots of hard work and preparation. But I also believe that a greater portion of the praise (or blame, depending on who you talk to,) has to go to Divine Providence. I am so blessed that He knows me so well and cares enough to order things so that, following Him, I only have to shake a little. Where it doesn’t show much.

What great things are happening with you? Come tell us about them. We’d love to hear.


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