No writing advice today. Today is a giant elephant in the blogging room.

It struck me today that only two days in United States history are known primarily by their dates. 

One is July 4th. The other is today. September 11th. The day of our greatest triumph and our greatest tragedy.

I think that it is telling that these two dates are what define us as a nation, that they are the two dates that reveal who we are as a people. Both days speak to our bravery, our ability to stand united despite our differences, and our fierce sense of independence and pride.

It seems that to often, we lose sight of the people who stood, one of the greatest underdogs in history, and shook our fist at the mightiest empire in the world, shouting “No more!”. We forget about the people who hugged and cried together, who ran into the flames, who prayed together in spite of supposedly insurmountable differences, united in our shared grief.

I hope that we can find that people again. I hope we can be that people again.


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