Cheri-Roman-LongMarketing is not my favorite task. In fact, it is the one aspect of publishing I would gladly leave to a professional publicist if I could afford one. That said, marketing is vital if your goal is to actually sell what you’ve published. It doesn’t matter whether you go the traditional route or indie; you have to market either way. But how?

It seems that everyone has different advice on what types of marketing work the best. Some say to rely on your social media, others insist that blog tours are the way to go. Still others say that there are a lot of profits to be found in allowing your title to “go free” for a certain period of time, or, once you have several titles, allowing the first its freedom on a permanent basis. Most of the wisdom coming down the pipe sounds at least reasonable, if not downright genius, but for a newly minted indie publisher there is just no way of telling what will work best. So I developed my own method and am in the process of testing it out. I call it the Slam Method.

First, get all your books on the shelf. Publish in as many formats as your wallet and expertise will allow and get them up in as many outlets as possible. Descent is available in all e-formats wherever e-books are sold, and in print on Amazon. Eventually, I’d also like to do an audio version, but for the moment e-book and print are the extent of my reach.

Next, set up your launch and coordinate it with other media events. In my case, that means the launch and the blog tour kick off are happening on the same day (August 31). In addition I’m offering Descent in e-book at 50% off for the first three days of the tour (August 31 – September 2). The launch will only last two hours, but the tour will last two months, so the advertising will be continual. I’ve also scheduled two additional book signings in the coming months and will book more as the opportunities present themselves.

The blog tour has involved writing guest posts and making myself available for interviews as well as offering chances to win some cool prizes via Rafflecopter at each stop on the tour. There will also be giveaways at the launch party. And food. If there’s one thing church socials have taught me, it’s to feed people.

I’m hoping for a decent crowd at the launch and an increase in sales following it.  Will it work? I’ll let you know.

(Details on scheduled stops for the tour can be found  here. Come join us on as many stops as you have time for. I look forward to hearing from you.)


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