First day,

Halls ring with fond hellos and the growls of those who’d rather not see or be here.

Pencil dust and posters tucked neatly onto walls of pale yellow welcome the fellows who’ve spent

the summer at the beach, just out of reach of lessons and tensions and exams.

Midweek, midstride, the call comes just before midnight.

Come, I need you.

Hurtling through the dark towards the new spark, pushing toward the light of a new life joining us with a cry from two throats, two hearts now separate for the first time, no longer beating in tandem but still attached.

Fierce and lovely, reaching for me, don’t go, stay, I need you.

Shh, I’m here, I’m not going anywhere.

Tears and the fear that I will not be enough, but none of that, swallow it back, a swift caress and

I can’t do this,

Yes, you can.

And you do.

And she is beautiful.

Fall into bed, rise again,

for the crowded halls and mixed attitudes presented with smiles and frowns,

Rush forward on a new track with the same cargo traveling on cracking rails to an unknown destination, without the proper fuel or a conductor who knows how to conduct but,

we have to keep moving forward and then,

it’s the end of the beginning.

I go home to the best beginning one can have.

Warm smiles and full souls, lovely words with a gentle rhythm,

Shh, shh, rock, sleep, play, run, laugh, hug, haunt my heart forever.

Two squeezing into the place of one and finding more than enough room,

am I surprised? No.

The memory of what was overlaps today’s newness and brings the circle closed without seam and only a little sweet/sharp pain.Amelia River 3 Days

(First week of school, first day of my new granddaughter’s life. It kind of rolls over you sometimes.)


5 thoughts on “Ragged Week

  1. Hi! This is beautiful.
    I’m putting together an Anthology of writing about motherhood, and was wondering whether you might consider contributing this poem? Let me know if you’re interested and we can chat further. Thank you!


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