margaritasWow, sometimes things just sneak up on you. Like the end of summer. 

Rai is on hiatus brought on by impending Mommyhood. Don’t worry, she’s fine, just a bit preoccupied at the moment.  But until she is ready to come back, I’ll be handling TBR by myself. 

Meanwhile, in three weeks I head back to the hallowed halls of my local high school to teach my wonderful juniors about literature and life, and stuff.

And, with the launch of Descent rapidly approaching, and all that entails (a virtual book tour is rumored to be in the works, stay tuned…) plus striving to finish the second book in the Rephaim series (title and more details soon, I promise), I have been working all summer and nearly missed the main point of summer for most people – a vacation.

Between setting up book signings, writing blog posts, finishing Quest (ooops, I let the name slip. Don’t tell anyone. Or do. Free publicity is always good.) ordering promotional items, setting up virtual tours, and all the regular life stuff like laundry and baby-sitting my Honey-child, the summer has sort of slipped past me like Casanova on the way to an illicit assignation.

But I’m not mad. It’s been a good summer. Very productive and fulfilling. What I am is tired.

And so, it looks like I’ll be taking a little hiatus of my own. I can’t guarantee I won’t write. I get itchy when I don’t write. But I can’t guarantee you’ll see any of it if I do. What I will guarantee, is that I will be back before school starts.


So, what are you doing with the rest of your summer? Write and let me know. Maybe we can chat over a virtual margarita.


2 thoughts on “Summer Block

  1. It sounds as though things are going really well for you. That’s great. We’ve had a three week heatwave in the UK- 30C every day- which means that most Brits melt into a small puddle on the pavement. I’m trying to restart my voiceover career, as well as trying to write every day. Enjoy the hols, enjoy going back to your pupils. I remember it well.


  2. I don’t envy you the heat. We have a special brand here in Florida too, so I can sympathize. Good luck on the voice over career, let us know how it goes. How does one break into that business? Maybe you’d consent to a guest post on the topic? Meanwhile, enjoy the remainder of you summer too. Always a pleasure to hear from you Jack.


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