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Synopsis: Dean Curse avoids attention the way his best friend Colin avoids common sense. When a heroic act thrusts Dean into the limelight, all he wants is to get his life back to normal. But a single, whispered word puts “normal” in the rearview in the worst way. Ever since he saved the stranger’s life, he’s been having terrifying visions and his psychologist father just might have him committed. But when Dean’s visions start to come true, he must discover whether this power is a curse or a gift. The answer will be the difference between life and death.

Review: Steven Whibley’s Glimpse goes a step beyond the usual into a world of strange and stirring possibility. Though it is billed as middle grade paranormal suspense, I enjoyed reading it as much at fifty as I would have at twelve or thirteen. The characters are well developed with intensely individual voices that anyone who knows middle-schoolers will easily recognize.

The theme of the novel centers around the question of perception. A person with a beautiful voice who values music will likely consider singing a gift. To one who prefers gymnastics, being pressed to sing all the time would more likely seem like a curse. Whibley handles this paradox with grace and verisimilitude, giving his young protagonist a voice that rings true on every level.

“I was taking notes when it started. Like before, the color drained from the room and left it a dreary gray. I gripped the edge of my desk an drew a series of shallow breaths, not entirely sure if I was having another hallucination or a stroke, but praying desperately for the stroke.”

Dean Curse must decide whether his unique, and suddenly acquired, talent is a blessing or a curse. He also has to figure out how it works before he loses things he didn’t even know were important to him. Thus, Whibley ratchets up the tension until, by the climax, even the reader isn’t sure which side the “gift” falls on.

A well written, eminently enjoyable read. I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

The Author: Steve believes in pixies and fairy dust, and the healing power of unicorns. When he’s not writing epic tales of horned beasties, he’s working as a look-a-like for Brad Pitt, Ryan Reynolds, Zac Efron, and Seal. He spends his free time training hairless mole rats to be service animals for the colorblind, and dreams of one day inventing a thanksgiving dish that will rival the infamous turducken. Steve also believes most readers do not read author biographies. To learn more about Steve Whibley, please visit him here.



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