Descent-ebookWho knew holding the actual, bonafide, print media tome in my hand was not the end?

I somehow had this fantasy that when I finally achieved my dream of seeing my name on the cover of something I had written, that would be it. My dream would be fulfilled. I could move on to the next.

I was wrong.

Now there is a book launch to arrange, press releases to send out, copy to check, repairs to make (because you ALWAYS notice something wrong right AFTER you hit the “send” button,) cover art to upload, files to convert, marketing stuff to design and order…and the list goes on. And there’s a lot of, “I can’t do this until that is taken care of.” I kind of thought I would hate the marketing and publication end of the business.

I was wrong.

It turns out I’m having a good time despite the frustrations. Kind of like (please stifle the groans, I realize its a bit cliche’, but its a good analogy) raising a toddler. I’ve delivered a healthy baby, and now I’m teaching him to make his way in the world. Of course, all of this is while I’m writing the next book, so I suppose that if you carried the analogy to its logical conclusion that would make me…Um, no, absolutely not going there. I really hadn’t thought much past the end of writing Descent except in the most nebulous of ways. Some might say that this was a clue that I didn’t plan on being successful.

They would be wrong.

For a very long time now I’ve been hoping and dreaming of the day when I could write as my day job instead of a sideline. That day hasn’t quite arrived, but I can see it in the distance. It is encouraging to me that achieving the goal doesn’t end the dream. Instead I’m finding it is just the beginning and perhaps that is always the way, at least with the very best dreams. I always thought publishing my first novel would be a wonderful thing.

I was right.

What dreams are you working on? How do you think it will feel when you reach your goals and what will you do next?


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