I’m not the kind of person, usually, who can read several books at once. However, I am currently in the midst of an exception.

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How I Got Him to Marry Me by Cherise Kelley is a feel good collection of short stories. It is a perfect summer read, because it allows the reader to pick it up and put it down without losing the thread of the conversation. Reading these stories feels like sitting around with a group of girlfriends discussing men and life in general. I very much enjoyed reading about strong women who choose to value themselves and insist that others do so as well. It surprised me how many of the ladies in this book decided, in our modern age, to wait on sex and/or cohabitation until they had a wedding band, but their reasons were solid and the success of their relationships is proof that it can be done. If you are looking for a relaxed, happy read plus relationship savvy tips, this is your summer read.

Other books I’m hip deep in at the moment, without fully understanding how I got here:

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Murder on the Cote  D’Azur by Susan Kiernan-Lewis: Spicy murder mystery that combines romance
and mayhem with a tasty dollop of French food.

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Writing the Fiction Series by Karen Wiesner: Story and series arcs collide in this dense, information and instructional tome.

I’ve not finished with any of these but I am busy enjoying them, or in the last case, learning from them. What are you reading?


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