Having recently decided to move forward with the independent publication of my first novel, my first move, after a few fancy dance steps, was to make a list of “what to do next.”  Unfortunately, after nearly an hour of brainstorming, the list was still a bit underpopulated.

Ok, fine. It was blank.

Right about that time, one of my best friends emailed me the link to an article she had found about setting up a book launch. She found this site because she was so excited for me that she couldn’t settle back into her work until she had done a little research on what my next steps should be. Now that is a good friend!

So I took a look at the article and it had some great ideas. Even better, it had a link to another article about creating a press kit. (You can find these two great articles here and here.) Armed with all this lovely information, I created my press kit and started contacting possible venues for the launch party.

On the upside, no one seemed surprised that an independently published novel would want to have a launch party. On the downside, no one would talk to me until the book is actually available for sale.

On their site.

Problem is/was, my book isn’t formatted for publication yet. It is scheduled to be done (another friend is walking me through the process) on the 1st of July.

She got it so exactly right, I nearly fainted.
She got it so exactly right, I nearly fainted.

So I spent some time working on my press kit, where I ran into another problem. No book cover. It was in the works and is, in fact, now finished and in my hot little digital memory file.  (Thank you, Renu!) But at the time it wasn’t finished so I could only go so far. Luckily, I did have my headshots (Thanks Krystal!) and could put them with the author bio, and I have all the other information necessary, so the press kit got most of the way finished before I had to stop.

So now I know what should have been on the list and the order it should have been in.

  1. Finish the book
  2. Get your cover art done.
  3. Write your press kit.
  4. Format the book for both digital and print media
  5. Upload the book for sale in your venues of choice. (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.)
  6. Locate and contact venues for the launch party
  7. Send out your press kit
  8. All the other stuff I’m sure I’ll come up with, but which I don’t know about yet.

Is this a good list? I have no idea. I’m sure it isn’t complete. I’m learning as I go and any advice you have to offer would be much appreciated as I dance along my merry way. Meanwhile, back to the list…


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