Remember: Ya still gotta swim once you hit the water.
Remember: Ya still gotta swim once you hit the water.

Yesterday, I posted on our Facebook page that “Steps are being taken” with a request to “Stay tuned.” So here are the steps:

I have engaged Renu to create a book cover for Rephaim. She is wonderfully talented and her style is perfectly suited to the fantasy genre and Rephaim in particular. You can look here to see the model she is using.

The book has been copy edited and is ready for the final run through for content. This means that the final draft is just days away.

I have settled on a launch date: August 31, 2013

I have narrowed the publication title choices to two. (See the poll below, and PLEASE, vote.)

I have begun a marketing plan and am waiting on the graphics necessary to begin.

However corny this may sound, its been a long journey and I realize this isn’t the end, but rather the next step. I know that a lot of people would advise me to continue seeking a traditional publisher, but the conviction has been growing for a long time that this is the correct path for me. There are no guarantees, but that’s ok. The journey is the most important thing. Lots of steps remain, and I’m looking forward to taking them.


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