dream ant
An image that I’m sure, now that I’ve seen it, will be appearing in my dreams.

I’ve been told that dreams are often our subconscious trying to speak to our conscious mind. I have also been told that we immediately forget up to 95% of our dreams upon waking, because the sleeping mind doesn’t file dreams as memories, or at all, apparently. Generally we only remember dreams we are having as we wake-up, and even then our recall is imperfect, fading in minutes if we don’t take the precaution of rehearsing or writing the dream down.

All this being true, when I do remember a dream, I tend to pay attention. Why? Because my subconscious (we’ll call her Fiona) is generally such a taciturn wench that when she does speak up, I find that she usually has something pertinent to say. Not always something I didn’t already know, mind you, just something important that I probably need to pay more attention to.

So, this morning, when I woke up out of breath, frustrated and just slightly afraid, from a dream of making a dress for a ceremony at which I was to be honored, only to find that I was already five minutes late and now had to not only dress myself but the entire family, because NO ONE else was ready, I immediately started to consider what Fiona might be trying to tell me.

The conclusions I’ve come too probably aren’t all that revolutionary and might commit the cardinal sin of boring my readership; therefore I will kindly refrain from sharing them. I will just mention that I found it interesting that my twenty-two-year-old was a footy pajama wearing four year old again, and I was able to realize it was a dream and set the clock back so that we left the house only five minutes late and presumably made the ceremony. I don’t know for sure, because I woke up.  Point being, Fiona spoke, and I am listening.

Is this normal? I have no idea. For me, such definitions aren’t salient. I only know that, in my experience, whenever Fiona takes the trouble to actually wake me up while she is working, her messages have a tendency to be spot on and relevant. Sometimes it’s a life issue that needs attention, other times it’s a story idea begging to be written. Neither are things I’m willing to ignore.

What about you?  When your Fiona talks, do you listen?


4 thoughts on “Dream Rag

  1. Sometimes dreams are just clearing out the rubbish from the previous day.
    Sometimes they are symbolic- when I was depressed, I dreamed of wading through drifts of blue granules – the blues- and climbing impossible staircases. Some dreams are really important- A few years ago I met my father in a tunnel. We sat on opposite sides of a table and talked all night. He’d been dead for years, of course.


    1. Wow, that last must have been some dream. Do you remember what he told you and did it have bearing on your life? Sometimes people tell me very profound things in dreams and others just spout nonsense. Though I have to admit, sometimes even the nonsense later turns out to be profound.


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