For the past year, I’ve been working on a project called Amnesty. It’s a project that grew, rather unexpectedly, out of writer’s block on another piece. I had been working on another novel, Catalyst, for about a year when I hit a wall. So I took a break. That break,which was only supposed to be few weeks, turned into a months-long journey into an entirely new story. I know I will return to Catalyst eventually, but I have been so wrapped up in Amnesty this year,  I haven’t had time.

So why am I telling you this? 

It seems I’ve reached a similar point in Amnesty. I’m running toward the climax, and I’ve hit a wall. In it’s place, another story is taking shape. It’s as story that promises to be funny, heartwarming, maybe a little offensive. All the makings of a good book.

So I’m at a loss. Am I just bad at finishing stories? Should I stick it out on Amnesty, push past the writers block, while writing myself notes for this new project as I go? Should I abandon Amnesty the way I did Catalyst and hope I have better luck finishing this new project? Is writing worth doing if it becomes tedious, or is it like any other career, easy and wonderful at times, sluggish and mind-numbing at others?

What do you do when you face writer’s ADD?


3 thoughts on “Attention Block

  1. Push through. Even if it means feeling like pulling teeth, just get down one sentence at a time down. After a while, it will flow again and you’ll just get it finished.

    Heinlein’s rule #2. Finish what you write. Sometimes it is difficult, but you will get used to finishing eventually.


  2. Gotta agree with Jimmie and Jack. Push through. Make notes on the new story so that it will still be there when you are ready, but finish this one and then go back and finish Catalyst, cause really, I miss those guys and you left them in a pretty bad way…just saying.


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