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Near Death by Richard C. Hale is a fast paced, paranormal thrill ride that questions the nature of life, death and the line that divides them. For Jake Townsend, the loss of his wife is shattering. Worse are the dreams that force him to relive the horror of her last moments, and the impossibility of deciphering her final words to him.

Now, having developed new technology that he hopes will give him the answers he seeks, Jake finds himself caught between the desire to see his beloved wife again and disrupting the delicate balance of life and death. As others discover the new technology, and the profane uses to which it may be put, Jake realizes that his goals may be within reach, but at what price?

The plot is character driven and intense. With few missteps, Hale creates characters that are multi-dimensional, deeply flawed and fundamentally human. We see that Jake’s desire may be impossible, unreasonable, and ultimately dangerous, yet we root for him nonetheless. But Hale has the knack of creating characters that make us want more for them than simply getting what they want. What keeps us turning pages in rapid succession is the hope that Jake will get, instead, what he needs.

Based on the all too human desire to elude the loss of a loved one, Near Death does an expert job of answering a particularly haunting “what if.” What if you could view the near death experiences of those who have been rescued from that precipice? What good could that knowledge do for humanity and to what less than altruistic uses could it also be put?

My advice? Read Near Death, and find out.

The Author:

Richard C Hale is a thriller and paranormal writer. He currently resides with his beautiful wife and family in North Florida, where he lives for the next liberating idea.


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