liebster award

The Brass Rag is honored to be nominated for its first award! We are understandably excited and apologize for the two days it took us to cease our happy dance in order to post this announcement. Thank you to our friend Jack at the The Top Banana for nominating us.

So, eleven things about us:

  1. We are a mother/daughter blogging team.
  2. We are both teachers – Cheri teaches high school and Rai teaches pre-school.
  3. We would both rather be writing, but finding teaching to be a rewarding career just the same.
  4. Cheri’s first book, Rephaim: The Beginning, is scheduled to launch in August, 2013. She is very excited.
  5. Cheri had no idea it would be so hard to come up with eleven things.
  6. Rai talks about herself in the third person in real life. It’s weird.
  7. Rai is an environmental slacktivist. She eats clean, makes her own cleaning products and boycotts Monsanto…but from the comfort of her couch. There is no sign-holding involved.
  8. While Rai agrees with #3, she finds that she would also rather be at home with her babies
  9. OH. Rai is having a baby in August. SURPRISE
  10. She’s planning a homebirth. It will not be live-tweeted.
  11. Cheri thanks the good Lord for #8 and #10.

And now the questions with our answers:

If money were a non-issue, what would you do?

Cheri: Write

Rai: Travel everywhere. I mean, not Yemen….but everywhere else.

If there were a giant DELETE button, what would you erase completely off the earth?

Cheri: Pollution


Name anybody famous, living or dead, whom you would like to have dinner with.

Cheri: Dean Koontz (Seriously, I’m slightly obsessed, but not enough to stalk him. Have no fear Mr. Koontz)

Rai: C.S. Lewis. Theologically, I would just love to pick his brain.

What would you talk about with (3)?

Cheri: The craft of writing books that are truly spooky but contain more than a small kernel of hope.

Rai: Theology. I know it sounds boring, but his ideas about Christianity and faith are so beautiful to me.
Summarize why you write in one or two words.

Cheri: Must

Rai: Head loud.

If you had one one-way ticket to live in outer space, would you go? 

Cheri: Yes, but only to do research for my next book. And to have a close look at the Crab Nebula.

Rai: Absolutely not. Have you even seen Doctor Who? Or Firefly? Space is scary. Although, if Nathan Fillion could go with me…

If all books were to disappear from the universe but one, what would you want it to be?

Cheri: An instruction manual on how to save all the books before they are destroyed. It would, of course, have to include a segment on time travel.

Rai: I read this with “but one” referring to a universe, not a book…so…this one. The other universes get nothing.

How do you get inspiration?

Cheri: I have two main sources – Amazon and Barnes & Noble. It’s very expensive though, so I usually have to stick with hard work and shear bloody minded persistence.

Rai: Life. The book I’m working on was inspired by an errant comment made in passing by my sister. I’m writing a poem tonight inspired by my daughter. Life is an inspiring place.

If you could be anybody other than yourself on Earth, who would you be?

Cheri: Not applicable. I’m not that ungrateful.

Rai: No. Better the complications and hot husband of your own life then new complications and a not-nearly-as-hot husband.

What was the kindest thing you have ever done to a complete stranger?

Cheri: Isn’t that rather like asking a woman her age?

Rai: I’d answer this, but it feels boastful. I’m going to plead Matthew 6:6 on this one.

Blogs we’d like to nominate: 

Novel Ideas

All the other blogs I know of and really like have well over 200 followers. A few of them include:

Light of Mine Seeds of Hope

My Every Day Power 


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