I’m not typically a poet. It just isn’t my thing. My mind is too literal for the flourishes that poetry requires. I can never seem to end poems. They aren’t like novels, that have a logical beginning, middle, and end. Imagery and metaphor are lost on me, and I have very little patience for the overly-sentimental.

Which is why writing this made no sense. I penned this Sunday night, after putting my little girl to bed. It had been a long battle, one that my normally easy to put to sleep baby fought hard. I did my best to get it down correctly but, as I’m sure many poets know, the words always sound better in your head.

Only Only

You’ll spoil her

She needs to learn


I hear the words

As I lie down with you

Your hands grab my neck

Pull me close

Play in my hair

My hair is your favorite

Your security blanket

Your face is buried in mine

And your breath on my cheek

Is hot and sticky and loud

I pull away, just a bit

You hold tight, pull me close again

Don’t go, mama.

Your toddler feet kick my belly

And from inside

Baby feet kick you back.

For now, for this moment,

You are my only baby.

For a little while longer

I am your mommy, no one else’s

So I memorize you in this moment

Twenty one months, four days

Long eyelashes

Baby cheeks thinning into girlhood

Sweet mouth that will always hold the baby you were

I am yours and you are mine

You are my only

I am your only

For now.

So I lie with you

Spoiling you

Spoiling me

Before we both have to share

I grasp this moment

Hold to it tight

Before your mama is another’s mama too

Before my baby is someone’s sister

For now, I will be yours

I will hold you tight and play in your hair

Whisper “I love you, beautiful girl”

Not worry that I am spoiling you

My only only

This is not here during the poem's events. Mama does not fit in a pack n play.
This is not her during the poem’s events. Mama does not fit in a pack n play.

6 thoughts on “Baby Poetry Block

  1. So sweet! That’s exactly how it feels to be in your toddler’s arms at night. I started out mamahood with twins so I’ve never had an only only!


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