aquariusI’m beginning to believe that Jupiter has, in fact, aligned with Mars and that perhaps the moon has taken up residence in the seventh house.

Ooops, sorry. I appear to have spent too much time on the oldies station.

What I meant to say was, the school year is rapidly drawing to a close! There are fourteen – count ‘em – 14, school days left until summer arrives in all its resplendent glory.

For me, that means lots more time to write. I’ve been waiting months for this. During the school year I have to steal time to write. Evenings, Saturdays, the odd Sunday morning. But during the summer I can write EVERY DAY!

I’d swoon with excitement, but I’ve lost my hanky and there isn’t a fainting couch handy.

For those of you rolling your eyes and/or giggling at my geekiness, ease up. You know you are not that different. Just like me, you have things you love to do, but which the pressures of everyday life (you know, that pesky business of earning a living?) prevent you from enjoying as often as you would like.

So I am unapologetic. Someday soon I hope that I won’t have to wait until summer to write every day. I’m certainly working toward that goal, but in the meantime, summer is coming and I am ready to do my happy dance.

How about you…what are you doing this summer?


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